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बच्चो की अजब गजब दुनिया मोबाइल के युग मे छोटे उस्तादों ने लिखी बड़ी किताब..

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Vishesh Bansal is a student of BSc( medical). He is 20 year old and fond of classical music.He possess the degree of sangeet visharad in music. He writes couplets , poems and articles in hindi. This is his first published book.

Aadik Bansal is a student of 9th standard. He is 14 years of age and fond of rap music. This book is his first published book.

About the Book
This book, ‘Elementials: The Beginning’ contains two stories-
~Elementials: The Beginning
~The Virtual Paradise

The first story is about five characters who get the powers of the five elements, which are land, sky, air, fire, water. Their job is to keep evil out of the city ‘Rosh Land’, and maintain harmony and justice. But their first villain is two steps ahead. He tries to capture the key factor of dictatorship on even the whole world, if not used correctly. And is needed to be protected or else…
The power which will be under the hands of the villain, ‘Gladiator’ will be so confined that he can become a threat posed upon the heroes and the city.

The second story, ‘The Virtual Paradise’ is the story of the support and caring nature of an elder brother towards his younger sister. He is the one who helps her to emerge out from her sorrowful, dark and depressive life, through an adventurous trip planned by him to console her.

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